Two Stroke Lectron Fuel System Review

I’ve been wanting to try a Lectron carb for a while now on my vintage Honda. After all, the old PJ carb is outdated at this point. While the bike ran great, I knew deep down that it could be better. Also, while I have found Lectron’s generally get positive reviews, every once in a while you read someone’s experience that wasn’t so great. It seems opinions tend to swing between love and hate. This intrigued me to be honest. What was all the fuss about? Are people just drinking the cool aid? Do the people posting negative reviews have other bike issues? A skewed evaluation (not everyone is objective or realistic). Being as how I am a long time racer and tuner, I have always considered myself a good judge of changes made to the bike. With this in mind I decided to give it a go. After all, my old bike (while heavily modified) could use an upgrade from the original 36mm carb.

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