Hygge Performance KTM 300 high clearance expansion chamberHygge Performance KTM 300 high clearance expansion chamber

HYGGE KTM / Husqvarna 300 – 2017/2018

$900.00CAD CAD

– “The logger” is designed with higher clearance for trail riding

-Made from 18 gauge raw steel factory finish for increased durability

– Dyno results were 2+ HP gain across the curve with top end power gains for hill climb performance

-100% Made in Canada

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KTM / Husqvarna 300 Expansion Chamber 2017-2018

-Pipes starts as a flat sheet, and are cut then hand rolled into 32 perfect cones

-Gas welded with oxy acetylene

-Hand planished seams

– Tig Brazed mounting points

-Made in small batches to obtain un-compromised quality

-Designed to work with all stock aftermarket silencers

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