HYGGE performance cone pipes are built for a specific horsepower output. A HYGGE Performance pipe is 100% cone pipe from manifold to tail pipe! We have application specific pipes tailor made to provide the desired outputs. To read more about each unique model here.

Why does a HYGGE pipe cost more $$? 
Each and every HYGGE pipe is created with the vision of providing you with the horsepower output that you desire. You get a high performing pipe that is a work of art. Simply put, custom costs more – every piece is hand rolled, precisely fit, hand-welded, quality tested, and shipped directly to you. 

It takes countless hours of meticulous design and construction to create a cone pipe that fits and performs so well. There aren’t any shortcuts and we wouldn’t change the process.

PERFORMANCE We will never be done learning to create tweaks that advance the performance of a two-stroke bike. We listen to you! Do you ever wish you could call up a pipe maker and say “why don’t you do it this way?” Now you can! If you have input we want to hear it. The best way to get what you want is to ask for it. Riders are the best testers, our ears are open to what you desire. 

Does HYGGE Performance make silencers?
Our primary focus is on the best cone PIPE possible. Any retail silencer is compatible. If you have further questions please send us a email and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

When is my HYGGE cone pipe shipped? Your HYGGE cone pipe is handcrafted and therefore takes time to make. We ship within 24 hours of your pipes completion in our workshop. For specific timelines please contact us before placing your order to ensure that your request can be met.

We ship from our workshop in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

What shipping carriers do you use? FEDEX & Canada Post are our preferred shipping methods, if you require an alternative method please contact us at 

How can I track my order? When your order is shipped you will be provided a tracking number via email to keep an eye on your delivery progress. 

HOW CAN I PAY? All prices are displayed in Canadian dollars. You can pay by credit card or PayPAL. For alternative payment options such as Email money transfer please contact us.

WHAT IF I HAVE BEEN INCORRECTLY CHARGED? If you believe to have been incorrectly charged GST/HST, you may contact us.

At HYGGE Performance we the best materials for the pipe we are designing. Your cone pipe is HANDCRAFTED therefore it costs more than a mass produced alternative. We work hard to keep the costs down to provide you with the utmost best value for the work of art you are obtaining. 

SALE? Our prices reflect what it takes R&D, perfect and to handcraft them. No flash sales, no promo codes. Just quality pipes! 

Quality is why we created HYGGE Performance – we were tired or spending hard earned money on products that weren’t satisfying our desires. Quality is the foundation that we build our pipes on. If you aren’t satisfied with your HYGGE Peformance pipe contact us and we will make it right.

We believe that you will be stoked with your HYGGE cone pipe because we go out of our way to ensure that they are designed and built to be just what you desire. We understand, however, that sometimes expectations may not align. In the unlikely event please contact usBecause our cone pipes are handcrafted and built to your bike specifications we can’t simply take it back for just any reason. Refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

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