CR500 HYGGE Chambers – a year in review

CR500 HYGGE Chambers – a year in review

The main way we elevate the two-stroke industry is by rider feedback. While the dyno can show areas of improvement, your gut feeling doesn’t lie. We personally know what it is like to be disappointed with a product. That’s why we never want a HYGGE chamber to disappoint, and why we are obsessed with performance and customer satisfaction.

It’s been 1 year since we released the Hygge CR500 chamber. You guys have been amazing with your support. We appreciate each of you who have taken the time to offer feedback in a variety of applications – Supermoto / Snow / Sand / Motocross / Enduro.

CR500 Expansion Chamber Review Hygge Performance Cone Pipe C5 Build
Honda c5 Expansion Chamber Cone Pipe Hygge performance


The chamber was dyno tested prior to release, but ultimately user reviews are the optimal way to find out how it does in the real world.  If you are into dyno results you can find them here:


HYGGE Performance Two Stroke Cone Pipe Expansion Chamber Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard
Hygge Performance CR500 Fitment Durability Handcrafted Cone Pipe Expansion Chamber


We understand that your CR500 build is as individual as you are. That is why we worked tirelessly to confirm fitment in a wide range of builds. Aluminum frame Honda’s, steel frame Honda’s, ktm, Service Honda builds, quad frames and more with excellent results. These photos showcase just a few of them. 


We quickly figured out that riders wanted the option for Panthera and bigger stator covers. As a result, we have options available with extra clearance on the stator side of the engine.

Available upon request. 


Durability is a pivotal component. You are spending your hard earned money and you want a product that lasts. That is why we only use 18 gauge mild steel to provide optimal strength and endurance. Our hand planished welds offer increased durability and structure to the chamber over stamped pipes.